Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I just finished Ragnar's latest book, "Symptomatica." Absolutely beautiful. The pictures are, of course, nothing short of phenomenal. Though I'm excited to see what comes next (in whatever medium he decides to explore), I was sad to read the following:

"No doubt about it. Here it is. The end. The third and final chapter in the vector trilogy. Somehow I think that I should feel some reluctance to close the door on this chapter but I don't. I'm not shutting off the lights, just turning the dimmer down a bit. Well, quite a bit. The things I had wanted to accomplish digitally I've accomplished to my satisfaction. It's run it's course.

"There's never been that 'Where do I go from here?' moment, that hesitancy to move on. One thing inevitably leads to another and soon enough it's a fait accompli. It goes where it goes, just follow it. Thanks for the company. See you on the analog side."

His previous books include, "Chromaphile," "Vernaculis," "Kings of the Road," "Izzy's Very Important Job," and "Got Your Nose."

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